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Azumuth's Fenix set for reissue on limited edition flamed vinyl

Azymuth Fenix

“The first album in five years for the Brazilian jazz-funk heroes, and it’s as catchy, cosmic and sun-soaked as the Seventies studio sessions that made their name.”
- Evening Standard ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This record is testament to a sound which Azymuth helped build from the ground up. The musical ideas at the band’s core have stood the test of time remarkably well and remain as enjoyable and relevant as they ever were." 
- Clash

“Azymuth’s trademark samba doido (crazy samba) – a mix of samba, funk and jazz – is as potent as ever”
- Jocks & Nerds

“This is a beautiful reminder of the relevance of a band who continue to enchant and surprise us despite their age.”
- Ransom Note

A ten-track journey through the full spectrum of Azymuth’s brilliantly coloured expressionist fusion, with all the cosmic energy and masterful musicianship you’d expect from the world's greatest three-man orchestra... Azymuth rise from the ashes!

Pre-order the limited 'flamed vinyl' edition of the Brazilian jazz-funk titans' 2016 comeback at the link below. Begins shipping 24th June 2022.


1. Villa Mariana (De Tarde)
2. Orange Clouds
3. Fênix
4. Neptunians
5. Papa Samba
6. Igarapé
7. Batucada Em Marte
8. Corumbá
9. Rio Doce
10. O Matagal
11. Villa Mariana (Pela Madrugada)

Pre-order the limited 'flamed vinyl' edition below or on Bandcamp

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