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Binario - Jazzhole [2008]

Binario - Jazzhole [2008]


1. Jazzhole (Kwes Rework)
2. Jazzhole
3. Balinha
4. Quantao

Binario have captured their unique mix of psychedelia, guitar fuzz, electronica and tripped out space funk. Recreating the passion of their wild live shows, where the gear is wired to car batteries to blast their illicit grooves to Rio’s beaches, Binario’s layered sound mixes brooding instrumentals with futuristic freak outs and Portuguese scat vocals to produce one of 2008’s most exciting debuts.

‘Jazzhole’ uproots the guerrilla sound of Ipanema Beach and sends it crashing in to the UK underground. The menacing build of dark synth beats roll throughout this epic instrumental as their trademark bouncing bass kicks and the guitars swirl and soar in to another sonic world that is crammed with this stunning short-player’s deranged samples and creepy keys.

Kwes has masterfully reworked ‘Jazzhole’ producing innovative warped and mind bending electro that is at once chilling and euphoric. The sound seems to come at you from all corners, resonating and twisting, snaring those caught under its beautiful spell. Kwes is a playful, tea-obsessed, hotly tipped producer from London who has remixed and reworked Beck, Klaxons, Mr Hudson and the Library and Jack Penate amongst others and is currently working on projects with Joe Hot Chip, Damon Albarn’s Monkey and Thecocknbullkid.

Formed in early 2002 by Lucas Vasconcellos (electric guitar and piano) and Bernardo Palmeira (drums and vocal) they added Bruno DiLullo (electric bass), Fabio Lima (electric guitar) alongside Rafael Rocha (drums), Eduardo Manso (electric guitar, piano) and Estevão Casé (synthesizer, piano) to create this gang of seven. Their experimental approach and interest in subverting frequency, harmony and groove is behind their love of Radiohead, Tortoise, Velvet Underground, Can, Kraftwerk, Zappa and Miles Davis.

Plus two previously unreleased tracks from Binario to complete this highly sought after EP.

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