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Democustico - Grito [2006]

Democustico - Grito [2006]


1. Grito (Seiji's East-Mental Dub)
2. Grito (Album Version)
3. Grito (Seiji East Mental Vocal Remix)
4. Rejoicing (Album Version)

Bugz in the Attic’s Seiji steps to the dance with a dirty-drum-heavy remix of Democustico’s ‘Grito’ that sees the broken-beat sound he helped pioneered taking influences from electro-breaks and guitar-rock.

Seiji’s remix cranks everything up into the red distorting the guitar and bass and doubling the drums up turning the track into a smacked-out slice of broken-guitar-breaks.

The shuffling drums and distorted bass guitar come to the fore on Seiji’s dub remix as the track takes on a live, rocky feel – not too unlike the sound of Andrew Weatherall’s classic remix of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Glider’.

If Seiji’s mixes are a bit too grimey for regular Far Out followers then they’ll be glad to know the 12” contains the original album version of ‘Grito’ - a bhangra-tinged bossa perfect for all the Latin-world- club DJs out there as well as the bossa ‘Rejoycing’, also taken from the album. As there’s no vinyl version of the album this 12” is the only place to get these two highlights from the CD.

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