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Kirk Degiorgio - Kirk Degiorgio Presents Sambatek [2013]

Kirk Degiorgio - Kirk Degiorgio Presents Sambatek [2013]


1. Morro da Formiga
2. Babilônia
3. Dendê 
4. Borel
5. Complexo de Alemão
6. Rocinha
7. Prazeres
8. Vidigal
9. Babilônia (Rick Wilhite Dub)
10. Borel (Jonas Kopp 'My Vision Of Samba' Remix)
11. Borel (NX1 Remix)

“SambaTek was another wonderful opportunity for me to work with Far Out Recordings and explore the label’s deep Brazilian connections. Whilst my Offworld project was a collaboration with the legendary Azymuth band, SambaTek is a collision of traditional Brazilian percussion tracks and state-of-the-art techno. I've always loved Brazilian rhythms - from heavy batucada breakdowns to gentle melancholy sambas. Inacio is a splendid percussionist from the escola do samba of Padre Miguel and it was a real treat to work with his talented percussion band. The rhythms used are traditional and we both wanted to keep them that way. My task was to interpret the language, the shifting patterns and grooves of Brazilian music and translate these into a modernist form, creating unique combinations with the four-to-the-floor beats of classic techno. These superb musicians did a great job and it was truly a pleasure to work on this project for Far Out. Many thanks to the Far Out Percussion All-Stars, staff and remixers.” Kirk Degiorgio July ‘13

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