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Jose Mauro

José Mauro

Today, very little is known about Jose Mauro and as a result those searching for some kind of insight on the man behind the music must attempt to glean what they can from the music itself. One rumour claims he died in a car accident, a fact that could have lent his brief musical career a touch of mythology were it not for how scant the details concerning any other aspects of his life are. The political turmoil in the late 60's in Brazil from which his music emerged is significant also; recorded during an era of oppressive state censorship, it is the result of steadfast defiance in the face of a crushing military dictatorship. While many musicians of the era fled the country, preferring their prospects in the affluent, liberated USA, rebellious young beatniks like Mauro chose to stay and reflect their anger at the authorities through thinly veiled protest songs. Herein lies the basis for a more dramatic theory; that Mauro was in fact abducted by the military. Whatever the truth, the mystery remains unsolved, and all that remains is this incredible, bewitching music.