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José Roberto Bertrami

José Roberto Bertrami & His Modern Sound

The maestro of the keys José Roberto Bertrami (Ze Roberto) is a Brazilian music legend. Band leader, arranger, vocalist and keyboardist for over three decades with ‘Brazil’s most successful band’ Azymuth, this album steers away from the original Brazilian jazz-funk band allowing Zé Roberto to record more personal songs, often with a more Western influenced sound. Bertrami’s choice of musicians sets this recording apart, drawing together the best of Rio’s players to bring his compositions to glorious life. David Brinkworth (Harmonic 33) travelled to Rio from the UK with executive producer Joe Davis to record the live sessions. “Bertrami is great in the studio. He lives and breathes music and the song writing process. The control of his instrument, harmony and ideas is flawless,” says Dave. With nods to his ‘Aventura’ heritage, newer trends emerging from Rio and Bertrami’s grand vision this more than fulfilled Davis’ hunger for a unique old school record drawing upon Zé Roberto’s reams of unreleased and unrecorded scores. After five days spent with Brinkworth picking the very best tracks Bertrami bossed the studio, full of energy and enduring passion to deliver a set of the highest quality. The result is an authentic jazz record that draws in tropical vibes and American influences to create the perfect slice of his music culture.