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Lau Ro Wax Machine official

Lau Ro

Having spent their formative years in São Paulo Brazil, as a teenager, Lau Ro found themself uprooted from their home. Moving with their family to Europe in search of a better quality of life, their story was like that of many immigrants in the same position. Lau Ro’s parents found work in factories and cleaning jobs, for the first few years in the North of Italy and then in Brighton on England’s Southern coast. “We never managed to visit back home, so my connection to Brazil became largely made up of childhood memories and my fascination with all the 60s and 70s music I could find from there.”

In Brighton, the young non-binary singer and composer would immerse themself amongst the city's vanguard of free-thinking artists and musicians. Lau Ro formed Wax Machine whose prefigurative, psychedelic community provided a glimmer of countercultural hope amid a backdrop of national political decline. From 2020-23, Wax Machine birthed three cult-favourite albums in as many years; indebted in part to their British psychedelic forebears from progressive folk, rock and jazz yore. But the kernel of Lau’s Brazilian sound was already beginning to blossom across Wax Machine’s releases. Now, taking root deeper still, Lau Ro steps forward with their debut album: Cabana.