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Various Artists - Nicola Conte Presents Viagem 3 [2011]

Various Artists - Nicola Conte Presents Viagem 3 [2011]


1. Dalmo Castelo - 'Fora de Hora'
2. O Triangulo - 'Voce Que Nao Vem'
3. Luiz Carlos Sa - 'Canto Do Quilombo'
4. Aizita - 'Faz De Conta'
5. Octons - 'Tokyo Blues'
6. Vera Brasil - 'Vai Joao'
7. Walter Matesco - 'Mar Amar'
8. Marisa Barroso - 'Sem Fim'
9. Marcio Diniz - 'Mulata Dengosa'
10. Carlos Sodre - 'Samba De Negro'
11. Bossa Trio - 'Tema em Do'
12. Kazinho - 'O Samba Ta Ficando Bom'
13. Henrique Benny, JT Meirelles - 'Chegar De Brigar'
14. Wan Trio - 'Selvagem'
15. Eliana Pittman - 'Batucada Negro'
16. Claudia - 'Macumba'
17. Brasil 40 Graus - 'Copa 70'
18. Werther - 'Litoral'

The Viagem series dusts down the rarest Brazilian bossa nova and hard-edged samba jazz cuts to deliver a collection dripping with the soul of 60s Rio and Sao Paulo. Again compiled by the don of forgotten Brazilian classics, for Volume 3 Nicola Conte digs deeper in to his private record stash to deliver 17 stellar, seldom compiled tracks circa ‘63 – ‘70. Blue Note and Schema recording artist and Brazilian music devotee Nicola Conte stamps his quality and integrity on to this perfectly mixed journey through his unique favourites from a defining era in Brazil’s musical and cultural history.

“This is a journey through the jazz & samba sound of 60s Brazil. The music is completely lost now; people just don’t play like this anymore. There are some classics yet also tunes unknown. Listening to this compilation is like listening to the music I make – this is the foundation – I picture myself within this music. ‘Viagem 2’ portrays the Brazilian moods of mid 60’s, a vibe that swings to hard edged jazz samba - a hybrid that blends south and North America, Africa and Europe in a poetic, most unique way.” Nicola Conte

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