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Nina Miranda - Futebol (Sim-Não-Yes-No?) [2014]

Nina Miranda - Futebol (Sim-Não-Yes-No?) [2014]

1. Futebol
2. Beautiful Dub

On this infectious 7” single, the A side ‘Futebol’ is catchy to say the least. The upbeat samba rhythms of the drums and traditional percussion, along with the perfectly fuzzy bass (all of which were recorded live in Brazil in a single take) create the funky Brazilian backdrop for Nina’s cheeky, beckoning vocal tone and the huge sounding brass section which blasts the song into a fully rocking carnival-esque party. But what sets this apart from other Brazilian or carnival inspired music is the record’s rawness. Akin to the levels of artistic freedom and experimentation of Brazil’s Tropicalia movement, there is a real experimental edge to Nina’s solo work which is heavily accentuated on the B side: ‘Beautiful Dub’ a dubbed out remix from Nostalgia 77. But her imagination and eccentricity are somehow able to fit perfectly into a very danceable, celebratory framework, which suggests comparisons with bands like the Talking Heads: it’s the kind of music that makes you freak out a little while dancing to it!

Just as Nina’s musical influences have – from The Specials to the Tropicalistas – she has made a record that is both genuinely fun and sonically rousing, while providing a considered social commentary, and while Brail certainly did not win the world cup, Brazilian music and culture triumphed.

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