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Sean Khan

Sean Khan

In the early 2000's Sean Khan sent a demo to Sony Records. The album was turned down, but Mike Slocombe from Goya records heard the album and asked Sean to form a band. The band became known as SK radicals and the first single ‘Reachin 4 da Farside’ became an underground club hit. Sean teamed up with Bugz in the Attic to produce the first SK radicals album, ‘When Will We Belong’. The success of this record enabled Sean to build his own studio, in which he produced the second SK radicals record, ‘Urban Eclectiks’. With the SK Radicals Sean has collaborated with a number of notable musicians and groups such as Bugz in the Attic, Mark de Clive Lowe, Kaidi Tathum, Daz I Que, Recloose, Derrick McIntyre (Roy Ayres, Incognito).

Slow Burner’, Sean’s debut solo album was release in 2011 and featured Tim Lapthorn, Mike Edmonds, Laurie Lowe, Genevieve Grant and Susan Allotey. The album represents Sean’s journey back to one of his main loves, Jazz improvisation. His playing pays homage to Coltrane, Henderson, Parker and Shorter and there is also a vocal tribute to Stevie Wonder. ‘What is Jazz?’ is a political statement delivered by spoken word artist Genevieve Grant  from the San Francisco spoken Word scene, in which she recites an essay about the past present and future of jazz. The group sound gives a nod to the contemporary (hip hop, drum n bass) but also to the hard swing of New York and the free sound of Europe.

'Muriel' Sean's sophmore album released in 2015, jazz greats ‘Trane, Jaco, Herbie and Gil’, are paid tribute to, as is Goya music, the label Sean attributes to kick-starting his recording career, as well as being a key facilitator of the broken beat movement as a whole. These references reflect Sean’s unique musical standpoint: his axis of influence pivots between classic, free and Latin jazz and a specific sense of rhythm and experimentation drawn from his immersion in the broken beat scene. This combination of musical approaches, coupled with Sean’s belief in a concept of ‘instinct over intellect’ (while retaining an appreciation of the philosophy behind the music) lays the foundation for the album’s stirring innovation. The masterful compositions on Muriel are teeming with technical prowess and drenched in soul with the help of some world-renowned vocalists including father of British Neo-Soul Omar, Brazilian musical icon Sabrina Malheiros and Heidi Vogel of the Cinematic Orchestra. The album is dedicated to the driving force behind Khan’s musical education, his mother Muriel McGinley. 

In May 2016 Sean flew out to Brazil to record with the legendary multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal alongside producer Joe Davis. The album is set for a 2017 release.