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Tutty Moreno featuring Joyce - Magica [2006]

Tutty Moreno featuring Joyce - Magica [2006]


1. Magica
2. Algo Sobre Nos
3. Princesinha
4. Constelacao
5. Pege Leve
6. GB
7. Cameleao
8. Pianco

Debut CD of authentic samba-jazz from Tutty Moreno one of Brazil’s leading drummers and Joyce’s most constant musical collaborator. Joyce features on vocals on two tracks and guitar on five and this CD features the stunning ‘Magica’ that is still today a highlight of Joyce’s live repertoire.

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro in 1981, a year after Joyce’s seminal ‘Feminina’ album, ‘Magica’ showcases Tutty Moreno’s outstanding mastery of samba jazz. As ‘Feminina’ defined the political yet uplifting folk-jazz style of Joyce, ‘Magica’ can be looked upon as Tutty’s coming-of-age showing his mastery of a genre at the relatively young age of 34. ‘Magica’ is an essential CD for any lovers of samba jazz and for fans of Joyce can be viewed as a companion to ‘Feminina’ highlighting the rhythmical force that has driven Joyce’s music ever since.

Tutty Moreno was born in Bahia in the north of Brazil and has been an important figure in Brazilian popular music from the days of bossa nova through to the jazz influenced fusion of the 70's, 80's and beyond. Tutty has recorded with all the finest Brazilian artists, including Joyce, Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania, Gal Costa, Hermeto Pascoal, Gilberto Gil and Joao Donato. He has also worked with many respected jazz musicians such as Ernie Watts, Larry Willis and Claus Ogerman.

Originally released under the name Tutty Moreno & Friends ‘Tocando Sentindo Suando (Playing Feeling Sweating)‘ (FARO 006CD) the album has been out of print for the majority of Far Out’s existence and with a follow up commissioned by Far Out for release summer 2007, Far Out decided it was time to make this classic available once again.

“This is a project made 25 years ago which means this is how our hearts and minds sounded back then. The sound may have changed a little but the heart is still the same.” Tutty Moreno

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