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Ordering from EU countries

Far Out Recordings us is a UK based company and all orders placed on our website are shipped from our London based headquarters. Now that the UK is no longer a member of the EU, EU countries are now charging VAT on imports from the UK, which therefore applies to all physical orders from

In light of this, we are recommending that EU based customers place their orders for vinyl, CD and any other physical merchandise through the Far Out Recordings Bandcamp. Just like our website, we fulfill all orders from our Bandcamp at our London HQ and everything is priced exactly the same.

We advise this because Bandcamp is able to administrate the VAT on our behalf and charge it to the customer at checkout. This means orders placed through Bandcamp should have a considerably smoother journey through customs as the VAT has already been paid and there is no need for any additional charges. While orders at are still welcome from all countries, we are not able to administrate VAT payments from outside of the UK at checkout and so cannot rule out additional handling charges that may result from the VAT being subsequently handled at the borders.