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Aleuda with Hermeto Pascoal - Oferenda [2000]

Aleuda with Hermeto Pascoal - Oferenda [2000]


1. Oferenda
2. Casinha Pequenina
3. Galope
4. Passarinho
5. Jurema
6. Ceara
7. Fofoca
8. Rede
9. Galope
10. Casinha Pequenina


Hermeto first noticed Aleuda when she was 15 years old, singing regional folk songs to her father’s guitar accompaniment in the circus. Her professional career started soon after, when he asked her to join his band as a singer and percussionist.

Since then she has worked with Milton Nascimento, Lo Borges, Egberto Gismonti and Robertinho Silva (who is her musical partner and husband). Gismonti and Silva both appear with her on this album. Aleuda was the vocalist on the last Grupo Batuque album ‘Africa Brazil’.

On ‘Oferenda’ Aleuda and Hermeto Pascoal have teamed up to produce a timeless homage to the Nordeste (northeast) of Brazil. It is a celebratory offering and the mood is reflected in the title of the album. The album has the inventiveness and spirituality of a Sun Ra composition. Improvised jazz is combined with samba to a wild and enchanting effect. Aleuda’s clear vocals, carry the melody over the ever-changing musical backdrop evoking the luscious vitality of the forests and jungles, as well as the rich mix of the religions and folklores of Brazilian Northeast.

For this release there are also 2 specially commissioned remix tracks in the same spirit of innovativeness and experimentalism of the original from production duo APE, and Kirk Degiorgio.

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