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Antonio Adolfo - Luizao [2006]

Antonio Adolfo - Luizao [2006]


1. Luizao
2. Luizao (Daz I Kue Mix)


Antonio Adolfo is renowned amongst fans of classic Brazilian music for his legendary ‘Transamazonica’ cut. ‘Luizao’ - with its swinging samba beat, wah wah guitar, twinkling keys and dewey eyed vocal harmonies it sounds like an original jam from the same session and is guaranteed to appeal to anyone into the sound of Sergio Mendes. On the flip Bugz in the Attic’s Daz–I-Kue comes through with a re-edit full of choppy percussion, swinging keys and a bumping bass line that’s set to appeal to fans of head-nodding hip-hop and bruk-bruk-broken beat.

Antonio Adolfo carved his way into Brazilian popular culture in the late 60s / early 1970s with recordings on Odeon. Antonio, like his more famous Tropicalista contemporaries Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, drew on European pop and Brazilian samba for his musical influences. The European-Brazilian mongrel-music he created was frowned upon by a military dictatorship afraid of outside influences - and was thus embraced by the Brazilians fighting against the junta. ‘Luizao’ captures the definitive retro Brazilian sound of that time yet for Antonio the music is now more of a ‘family affair’ than ‘vive la revolution’ as it’s Antonio’s daughters – Brazil & Brazuka – who add the soaring vocals over his swaying fender rhodes. ‘Luizao’ is an arrangement dedicated to the former bassist of Antonio’s band, Luizao Mia.

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