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Azymuth - Brazilian Soul [2004]

Azymuth - Brazilian Soul [2004]


1. Estatico
2. Biaozinho Carioca
3. Demais
4. Sambafrica
5. Retro Visor
6. Depois De Carnival
7. Sao Pedro
8. O Lance
9. Sem Destino
10. Ed Lincoln
11. Pra Ze
12. Te Querendo
13. Gubbio
14. Roda Piao

Three decades after Azymuth made their first tentative steps into bossa nova society, Brazilian Soul is a return to their blistering form of the early '80s. The new album sees them borrowing from the musical vocabulary that has always been one of the most exciting narratives of Brazilian music, as well as indulging their enthusiasm for new sounds that still makes them heroes and inspirations to a generation of 21st Century producers, from 4Hero to Masters At Work. They have linked up again with a truly great cast of celebrated Brazilian performers, some who were there at the genesis of Azymuth, and some who hitched a ride during the last 30 years – any history of Brazilian music that didn’t include names featured on the album like Roberto Menescal, Fabiola, Emilio Santiago and Marcio Lott wouldn’t be one to be trusted. Although their sound hails from the tropical funk scene which emerged in Rio in the mid '70s, their music is still as pertinent now as was then – their live shows demonstrate that the percussive furnace which drives their sound is still burning bright.

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