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Azymuth - Butterfly [2008]

Azymuth - Butterfly [2008]


1. Butterfly
2. Os Cara La
3. Meu Doce Amigo
4. Caititu
5. Avenida Rio Branco
6. New Dawn
7. Triagem
8. Hole In One
9. Morning
10. Next Summer In Rio

Butterfly is Azymuth's eighth studio album with Far Out Recordings, coming thirty five years after defining their own particular brand of jazz, funk and samba that they like to call samba doido -- crazy samba. For those passionate about the Azymuth sound this album presents ten more fantastic tracks showcasing the band at their best, weaving together a series of beautiful jazz motifs mirroring the brightly coloured wings of the butterfly. With light free-flowing compositions such as Meu Doce Amigo whose lofty flute sees our butterfly soaring away, a poignant track, translated simply as 'my sweet friend', dedicated to bass-player Alex Malheiros' beloved son who passed away in 2003.

Co produced with David Brinkworth (Harmonic 33) the result is perhaps the purist synthesis of the Azymuth sound during their 14 years of recording with Far Out Recordings. As David recalls it was a natural process of creation, 'they are really so experienced musically that they can take an idea you may have and transform it in seconds into something beyond your original starting point. They know how each one of them thinks, even before they strike a chord or hit a beat'.

In homage to the great Herbie Hancock, one of their enduring influences and inspirations, the album is entitled after his composition Butterfly. As Alex notes, 'We have identified with Herbie since the Sixties and because of this we have a lot in common, discovering new horizons and also the admiration for Butterfly.' As Far Out label boss Joe Davis observes, 'As they have covered some Herbie tunes in the past it was my idea for them to do this track and to get Arthur Verocai to arrange it with a string section and flutes.

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