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Azymuth - Jazz Carnival Part Two of Two [1996]

Azymuth - Jazz Carnival Part Two of Two [1996]

1. Jazz Carnival (Ritmo Dub)
2. Jazz Carnival (Freakmix)

Side A: Natural Element - Ritmo Dub
Taking house to another level. Beyond just the basic 4/4 beat. This is a journey of progressive rhythms, with hard percussion, timbales and fat bass lines. Highly apt for the jazz club dance floor through to more experimental house sessions. Expand your mind.

Side AA: Freakniks - Freakmix
Pure unashamedly nu disco flava. Funky 4 to the floor, anthemic, using all of the original hooks and melodies in a stomping mix sure to get the crowd a rocking carnival style.

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