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Azymuth - Limited Album Sampler [2007]

Azymuth - Limited Album Sampler [2007]


1. Melô Dos Dois Bicudos (Harmonic 313 Remix)

2. Estrada Dos Deuses (Recloose Re Edit)
3. Wait For My Turn (Spiritual South Remix)

SMASH! ‘Melos Dos Dois Bicudos’ (Harmonic 313 Remix)

A spanking and seriously head nodding Detroit influenced re-work of Azymuth comes courtesy of Mark ‘Troubleman’ Pritchard, formerly known as Harmonic 33 (Warp Records).

So why has Harmonic 33 turned into Harmonic 313? A lazy office copy error, no sir! This particular re-incarnation comes from the Detroit postal code ‘313’ and Mark’s continued forward motion, exploring and innovating in electronic music. Brazilian dub step, grime, Detroit hip-hop, ditty!! Call it what you will, stand back then salute.


BANG! ‘Estrada Dos Deuses’ (Recloose Re edit)

Recloose steps back in time circa 1975 for this extended re-edit complete with extra elongated synth stabs with much attention to the congas and wah wah. Uplifting and dare we say it, anthemic. Definitely one for the jazz/funk massive!


WALLOP! ‘Wait For My Turn’ (Spiritual South Remix)

Spiritual South’s remix of Azymuth’s ‘Roda Piao’ in 2006 was a sure fire club banger. Gilles Peterson claimed the track was his summer CLUB SCUD MISSILE. Mr Mark Robertson bounces back for part 2 with this maxed out remix switching tempos and drum patterns to huge effect akin to his most famous remix of Max Sedgley’s ‘happy’. Storming!

Never released outside of Brazil ‘Azimuth’ contains some of their most incendiary tracks and is quite simply a milestone album in Brazilian music. Coupled with a bonus CD of remixes from todays hottest producers inc. Mark Pritchard, Spiritual South, Peanut Butter Wolf and Recloose, this 2CD set is an essential purchase.

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