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Azymuth - Pieces Of Ipanema [1998]

Azymuth - Pieces Of Ipanema [1998]


1. Pieces Of Ipanema
2. Brazymuth
3. Papa
4. Carambola
5. Tribal
6. Sunderley Samba
7. Onde Anda Meu Amor?
8. Brincando A Fogo
9. Mimosa
10. Juntos Mais Uma Vez
11. Juntos Mais Uma Vez (Prelude)

This is the third LP on F.O.R. from this unique and timeless group and features some of the best material to date. It takes them back to their roots and each track has been carefully selected to expose Azymuth’s wide musical scope. Tracks like ‘Carambola’, ‘Mimosa’ and the tittle track ‘Pieces of Ipanema’ should rank along with the classic tracks mentioned above.
Recorded in Rio De Janeiro, this LP captures the authenticity, feeling and spirit of their sound great effect. You’ll find subtle shades of disco, jazz, funk & samba on this recording and other friends guesting on the LP include
Nina Miranda’ from ‘Smoke City’, ‘Orlandivo’ & ‘Sabrina Malheiros’.

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