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Bruno Berle - Tirolirole [2023]

Bruno Berle - Tirolirole [2023]


Release date: 17th November 2023 | Also available on Bandcamp

Bruno Berle, the young songwriter and poet originally hailing Maceió, the capital of Brazil’s Alagoas state, crafts songs that are simple, direct, and full of tender nuance. With his 2022 debut album No Reino Dos Afetos ("In the Realm of Affections”), Berle firmly established himself as a unique and important voice in the burgeoning scene of new Brazilian artists making a global impact, including peers like Ana Frango Elétrico, Tim Bernardes, Bala Desejo, Sessa and more.

Now based in São Paulo, Berle releases a first hint of new music to come with the single “Tirolirole”: a triumphant future classic about the temporality of a blossoming love, with Bruno’s stunning vocal soaring over melodies which ebb and flow like the waters on the Atlantic shore. Of the track, Berle explains: “Despite ‘Tirolirole’ being an expression that evokes my childhood, just like the light words about nature, the harmony, and the poetry are epic, carrying a great hope for love.”

Composed by friend and close collaborator Phylipe Nunes Araújo and featuring Rio drummer and Far Out label mate Antonio Neves, as well as fellow Maceió bred producer and multi-instrumentalist Batata Boy - Bruno’s long time-musical partner - “Tirolirole” releases as a stand alone digital single on the 17th November 2023 via Far Out Recordings (UK), Psychic Hotline (USA) & Coala Records (BR), with more music to come from Bruno Berle in 2024.

Composed by Phylipe Nunes Araújo
Bruno Berle: Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Conga, Shaker, Piano, Snare Drum, Cymbal
Batata Boy: Piano, Synthesizer, Shaker, Acoustic Guitar, Voice
João Menezes: Atabaque (hand drum), Voice
Marvin Vieira: Guitar
Marina Nemesio: Voice
Bruno Di Lullo: Bass
Biel Basile: Pandeirola (tambourine), Shakers
Antonio Neves: Drums

Mixed and Produced by Batata Boy and Bruno Berle
Mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studio
Recorded at Batata Records, Freak Estudio, Estudio Panda, Carolina Studio, Estudio Constante
Executive production by Santiago Perlingeiro
Photo by Marina Zabenzi
Design by Julia Gonçalves

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