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Celia Vaz - Ebb And Flow [1999]

Celia Vaz - Ebb And Flow [1999]


1. Na Fabrica
2. Pro Bonfa
3. Obrigado Donato
4. Nas Aguas Do Rio (Part 1)
5. Espada De Prata
6. Teles E Temas
7. No Deserto
8. Fadas E Gnomos
9. Climas
10. Nas Aguas Do Rio (Part 2)

Fusing Rio cool with the techno soundcapes of production team APE.
The album moves gently between bossa nova soundtracks and the contemporary programmed grooves of APE.

A meeting of 2 worlds, one acoustic, the other electronic. Celia Vaz, the accomplished composer and arranger teams up with APE well known for their soundtracks and deep ambient recordings for Sirkus.

It starts of as a purely digital relationship, ideas for new tunes going backwards and forewards across the internet , until APE take a 10 day trip to Rio, the recording is made in the mountains outside Rio and the album culminates in a seductive meeting of styles.

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