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Clara Moreno - Miss Balanço [2009]

Clara Moreno - Miss Balanço [2009]


1. Deixa a Nega Gingar
2. Brincando
3. Bebete
4. Mestiço
5. Bruxaria
6. Pourquoi? (Nega Sem Sandalia)
7. Uala Ualalá 
8. Que Besteira
9. Mais Valia Nao Chorar
10. Vai Devagarinho
11. Tamanco No Samba
12. Jeito Bom de Sofrer
13. Balaço Zona Sul
14. Samba de Negro

Balance and passion, beauty and freedom, ‘Miss Balanço’ is the perfect Brazilian Dancing Girl. Clara Moreno embodies her image. A true carioca (daughter of Rio) born to make dancing music, Clara grew up immersed in Brazilian beats from samba to bossa nova, acid-jazz to psychadelia, folk to tropicalia. This “sambalanço” recording encompasses all while swinging with the samba spirit that runs deep through Clara – ‘Miss Balanço’ for a contemporary Brazil. This is music in the image of its maker. Clara Moreno is a bold and beautiful character - as gripping to watch as she is compelling to listen to. As one of her many swirling tattoos declares ‘Paz et Musica’ (Peace and Music) – it’s what she and many Brazilians devote themselves to. This jubilant long-player infuses samba and bossa nova with African traditions and jazz instrumentation, celebrating samba’s renaissance as the enduring rhythm of Brazilian life with a modern and unique twist.

“Clara and her musicians put wonderful energy into this vintage repertoire so appreciated in the 60's and rarely recorded again. The choice of vintage instruments, beautifully played by the best young SP musicians, of songs and the way she rediscovered them created a special environment that I thought I would never see again.” Joyce
Clara’s sixth album ‘Miss Balanço’ is the second released in the UK by Far Out Recordings. The daughter of iconic Brazilian singer songwriter Joyce and composer Nelson Angelo Moreno, Clara’s career began performing backing vocals in children’s choirs for artists such as Milton Nascimento and Egberto Gismonti before moving to study music in Paris aged 18. Moreno returned to Brazil and in 1996 recorded her eponymous debut CD. With the release of her fourth album ‘Morena Bossa Nova’ she experimented with electronic music to create an album with a contemporary take on bossa nova. In 2007 Clara released her first album with Far Out in the UK ‘Meu Samba Torto’ and the stripped down tribute to her musical heritage drew wide critical acclaim from the British press.

‘Miss Balanço’ features a stellar line-up of Brazilian musicians brought together by Clara and producer Joyce. Of the Sao Paulo Na Cena Studio sessions Clara says, “Everything was recorded live and during the recordings I shared amazing moments with great personalities of the MPB including John Donato, Joyce, Tutty Moreno and Orlando.” Taking on Brazilian Samba classics from legends Jorge Ben, Elza Soares, Joao Donato and Gilberto Gil, Moreno has created a record that not only does the originals justice but stands alone as a distinctive and significant global album. ‘Miss Balanço’ is Clara Moreno’s most complete and rousing set thus far – her star continues to rise.

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