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Friends From Rio - Friends From Rio Volume 2 [1998]

Friends From Rio - Friends From Rio Volume 2 [1998]


1. Lance Livre (Free Stroke) feat A.P.E.
2. Bengele
3. Vera Cruz
4. Escravos Do Jo
5. Sob O Mar
6. Mistério No Armazém 24
7. Cravo E Canela
8. O Circo
9. Dona Cora
10. Geraldofla
11. Zona Sul
12. Começo Da Festa

The second instalment picks up where the first left off. A presentation of the best of the musical creativity currently circulating the Rio scene. The line-up is a credit to both the old and the new with a mix of established well known artists such as Dom Um Romao and Celia Vaz, cocktailed with exciting new fresh talent in the likes of Aricia Mess and Nair representing the Rio new school with style.

The musical content goes deeper into the roots of Brazilian music, pushing back the boundaries of the Brazilian “Samba Jazz” fusing it with the late 90’s London production skills of Roc Hunter and Joe Davis. Outworked through a mix of classic compositions like Escravos de Jo and Cravo E Canela, plus brand new Afro inspired tracks Super Legal and Bengele. The whole project draws on influences from the African rhythms of Bahia and Northern Brazil through to the Bossa sound of Rio and the many samba styles of the legendary Brazilian carnivals.

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