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Friends From Rio - Misturada 4 [2000]

Friends From Rio - Misturada 4 [2000]


1. Lance Livre (Soul Circuit Remix)
2. Sob O Mar (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)
3. Mistério No Armazém 24 (Roc Hunter Remix)
4. Vera Cruz (4Hero Remix)
5. Cravo E Canela ft. Bembe Segue (IG Culture Remix)
6. Escravos Do Jo (Da Lata Remix)
7. Começo Da Festa (G Force Remix by Seiji)
8. Dona Cora (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)
9. Super Legal (Flytronix Remix)

For Volume 4, the album Friends from Rio 2 is the starting point and the map for these trips into the subconscious of each track. The divergent paths of the different producers take you cross genre to give you a living history of dance music with a heady Brazilian vibe. Included are IG Culture’s radical reworking of Cravo E Canela released as 12” earlier in the year to much delight in the media, featuring the gorgeous afro-vocals of Bembe Segue.The track Sob O Mar is given added grooves by Kyoto Jazz Massive - an insistent beat and jazzy piano submerging you in Nair Candia’s seductive underwater vocal. While Escravos do Jo is transformed into a hard ‘come-to-the-Carnival’-bateria. The original sweetness of the track replaced with a harsh tribal feel in this stripped down remix by Da Lata. Offworld go off-world with easy paced jazz mutating into astral drum and bass,and Flytronix, keeps the melody winding its way between the heavy bass in this slamming mix of Super Legal. The album also features killer cuts from Roc Hunter, APE,4 Hero, the original.

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