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Grupo Batuque - Batucada Maneira [2006]

Grupo Batuque - Batucada Maneira [2006]

1. Batucada Maneira (Ennio Styles Main Mix)
2. O Tempo De Samba
3. Batucada Maneira (Ennio Styles House Mix)
4. Jacone (7" Edit)

Far Out release the anthemic batucada-house remixes of Grupo Batuque’s ‘Batucada Maneira’ from Australia’s best kept secret Ennio Styles on 12” on July 10.

Our man-down-under turns out a monstrous club banger that is sure to have asses shaking, hips wiggling and hands-in-the-air whether it’s played on Bondi, Ipanema or Blackpool beach.

With its introduction of bonkers vocalisations, stuttering percussion, snaking bassline and thumping beats the Main Mix is a guaranteed carnival belter with more spice than a red curried prawn on a Bondi Beach BBQ. When the pianos and main vocal eventually drop the track flares up like an Australian bush-fire consuming everything in its path with its samba meltdown.

On the flip Ennio’s Saudade House Mix brings the pianos to the fore and adds a pounding tribal house beat that’s sure to have the house-heads dancing round their handbags all summer long. Also featured on the 12” is ‘O Tempo Samba’, a bonkers out-take from the Grupo Batuque ‘O Tempo do Samba’ studio sessions that sounds like Salvador Dali was in the studio with a large bag of ‘maconha’. ‘Jacone’ is a jittering percussion groove laced with jubilant afro horns that is one for all the crazy-leg jazz-dancing massive. Far Out sample spotters will be in heaven as both Ennio’s mixes are chock full of samples from classic Azymuth & Grupo Batuque releases.

‘Jacone’ and the original version of ‘Batucada Maneira’ both feature on the fifth album from Grupo Batuque; ‘O Tempo Do Samba’ released in 2005. A feel-good album that pays homage to the samba beat, ‘O Tempo Do Samba’ features 10 full length album tracks plus 8 percussive and vocal edits inc. the ‘Afro Black’ single.

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