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Grupo Batuque - Rhythmix: Reluque Batuque [2002]

Grupo Batuque - Rhythmix: Reluque Batuque [2002]


1. Na Batida do Agogo
2. Read Between The Lines
3. Berimbal Capoeira
4. The Samba
5. Keyzer
6. A Lua Girou Girou
7. E Ruim
8. Ole Ola
9. Brasileiros e Ingleses
10. Do Anything
11. Isto e Samba

Grupo Batuque’s work has been massively sampled over the years to create some hugely successful tracks and this diverse album pays homage to their music. This album includes Jamie Anderson’s ‘Do anything and the anthemic ‘Between The Lines’, already a club classic and now blowing up dancefloors on 12” with a fresh remix from Big Bang.   4Hero’s exclusive track ‘The Samba’ brings us uplifting vibes influenced by their dynamic afro-percussive beats and samba rhythms. Fauna Flash’s slamming bassline on the version of ‘Ole Ola’ originally from the CD Samba de Futebol will get you in the mood for World Cup fever.  From the same album Zero dB takes the frenetic rhythms to the ecstatic climax of the pulsating carnival.  Masters At Work pick up the afrobeat influence on samba with their reworking of ‘Keyzer’ dedicated to Brazilian funk group Banda Black Rio and Fela Kuti, from the Grammy nominated album Africa Brazil.  There are also groundbreaking mixes from Da Lata, Osunlade, Viper Squad and Roc Hunter.

Rhythmix gets summer off to a scorching start with the blistering beats of the  streets guaranteed to shake up dance floors globally and perfect for a lounging cocktail party.

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