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Grupo Batuque - Samba de Rua [1997]

Grupo Batuque - Samba de Rua [1997]


1. Intro
2. Jandaia
3. Pavou Ai
4. Tabla Samba
5. Onda Leve
6. Mama Samba
7. Aoyama Sau
8. Percussio Livre

The one most important exponent of the Carnival is the music, samba and batucada. Traditionally, there are a variety of rhythms (stemming from African roots) that make up samba music.

Rio ‘97:  During the three long hot days of Carnival, Far Out Recordings hire a studio, commandeer some of the finest percussionists and musicians from the local favelas to produce an album of rural street batucada and samba.

Samba De Rua’is reliant on one of the folklore legends of Brazilian music, drummer and percussionist Wilson Des Neves. The musical president of the Escola de Samba Imperio Serrano. Wilson still performs with the finest artists in Brazil, including Chico Buarque, something of a legend, and is recognised as one of the truly great characters of this music.

Other musicians include  Mamao (Ivan Conti) drummer from Azymuth and co-writer of classics like Jazz Carnival. His uniquely inventive approach to rhythm has earned him world-wide renown.  Check out Mammos killer cut Aoyman San to see how he combines funk/jazz/batucada in a new rhythmical hybrid. Zezinho do Pandeiro, as his nickname suggests is infamous for his pandeiro (tambourine with skin) and surdo (samba bass drum) playing. Dom Chacal was one of three percussionists from Brazil to play in Paul Simon’s World tour.

This album fuses the true spirit of the carnival with new inventive elements, put together with the authenticity of the real masters of this music, creating the ultimate percussion meltdown. DJs beware!

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