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Heidi Vogel - Turn Up The Quiet [2013]

Heidi Vogel - Turn Up The Quiet [2013]


Heidi Vogel's ‘Turn Up The Quiet’ album followed on from her many successes as front-woman of the critically acclaimed Cinematic Orchestra (Ninja Tune). The album is her deeply moving debut and made up of her interpretations of songs by great composers including Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes and Joe Henderson. Heidi is accompanied throughout the album by the very talented guitarist Josue Ferreira as well as guests musicians including vocalist Cleveland Watkiss, pianist Austin Peralta and Ivo Neame. The album also features remixes from The Cinematic Orchestra, IG Culture and Emanative.

1. Medo De Amar
2. Copacabana
3. Modinha
4. Black Narcissus
5. Inutil Paisagem
6. Chelsea Bridge
7. Love Dance
8. Bonita
9. The Frog
10. Juazeiro
11. Dindi
12. Black Narcissus (Cinematic Orchestra Remix)
13. Black Narcissus (Emanative Remix)
14. Turn Up the Quiet

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