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José Roberto Bertrami - Things Are Different [2001]

José Roberto Bertrami - Things Are Different [2001]


1. Mamoa Com Acucar (Sweet Papaya)
2. Partido Alto no.3
3. Things Are Different
4. Dificil Te Dizer (Hard To Say)
5. Tarde Em Itacuraca (Afternoon in Itacuaraca)
6. Ceu e Mar (Sky and Sea)
7. Bluff Dancing
8. Valle Brothers

, keyboardist, composer and leader of the inimitable Brazilian trio Azymuth, is known for creating the mesmerising and genre blending samba doida (crazy samba). He was originally responsible for joining sambas and bossas with an infectious jazzy swing and has had a huge influence on Brazilian music through solo work, collaborations and session playing. One of the Brazilian greats, he is responsible for cross pollinating Brazilian music, bossa nova, samba and folk styles, with jazz, & r & b, using his unique keyboard sounds, a true technocrat. Amongst others, he arranged and wrote with Sarah Vaughan, Elis Regina, Mark Murphy, Joe Pass, Erasmo Carlos, Milton Nascimento, Airto, Flora Purim early in their careers, and his signature sound can be heard on many of the best-known Brazilian productions.

Going solo, you can hear the heavy influence which American jazz has had on José Roberto’s playing, but the essence of his music remains Brazilian, and on ‘Things are Different’ he continues to work his sensitive, subtle magic at the keyboards. His skill is such that you hardly notice it is happening, producing an effortless and intuitive sounding album of laid-back Brazilian jazz. Featured on the recordings are his friends and fellow musicians, who are considered amongst South America’s best  - Robertinho Silva (known for his playing with Wayne Shorter, Thelonius Monk, A.C Jobim), Eddie Palermo and son Victor on drums.

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