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Joyce Moreno - Gafieira Moderna [2001]

Joyce Moreno - Gafieira Moderna [2001]


1. Forcas D'Alma
2. Na Casa Do Villa
3. Pega Leve
4. The Band On The Wall
5. Samba Da Silvia
6. Bota De Sete Leguas
7. Risco
8. Diz Que Eu Tambem Fui Por Ai
9. Azul Bahia
10. Quatro Elementos

Gafieira Moderna is a very rootsy and authentic album, the theme based on Gafieira –Brazilian ballroom/dancehall music. as Joyce says: ‘ I love this album so much …It’s one of my favourites ever, along with Feminina , and Astronauta'. The album contains a mix of styles, and the lyrics cover gossipy girl talk, to advice on broken relationships and rejoicing in the everyday, humanity, and the creative process. Special guest, is the electric lady ‘Elza Soares’ the goddess of Samba - one of Joyce’s own early heroines and inspiration.

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