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Various Artists - Nicola Conte Presents Viagem 2 [2009]

Various Artists - Nicola Conte Presents Viagem 2 [2009]


1. Vera - 'Sambinha'
2. Claudia - 'Deixa O Morro Cantar'
3. Janinha - 'Amanha'
4. Maria Lucia - 'Maria Moita'
5. Flora - 'Maria Fulo'
6. As Meninas - 'Redondo Sambao'
7. Tenorio JR - 'Consolacao'
8. Tema Tres - 'Yema Tes'
9. Anamaria - 'Bom Queimada'
10. Marcia Com Manfredo Fest Trio - 'Miss Bikini'
11. Lygia - 'Se A Tristeza Chegar'
12. Jose Roberto Bertrami - 'Kebar'
13. Cesar Roldao Vieira - 'Sem Deus Com A Familia'
14. Sansa Trio - 'Bossa So'
15. Bobby McKey - 'Bossa Nova'
16. Zil Rozendo - 'Balanco Do Mar'
17. Tenorio JR - 'Sambinha'
18. Dick Farney E Sua Orchestra - 'Ninguem Na Rua'

The Viagem series dusts down the rarest Brazilian bossa nova and hard-edged samba jazz cuts to deliver a collection dripping with the soul of 60s Rio and Sao Paulo. Again compiled by the don of forgotten Brazilian classics, for Volume 2 Nicola Conte digs deeper in to his private record stash to deliver 18 stellar, seldom compiled tracks circa ‘63 – ‘70. Blue Note and Schema recording artist and Brazilian music devotee Nicola Conte stamps his quality and integrity on to this perfectly mixed journey through his unique favourites from a defining era in Brazil’s musical and cultural history. The music of ‘Viagem 2’ – the second journey – is deep, deeper than many people would expect from a Brazilian record. Nicola Conte’s spirited Brazilian gems form a beautiful, shimmering tribute to the ‘lost classics’ of 60s Brazil.

While ‘Viagem’ beautifully breezed through bossa and samba jazz, instalment 2 is an edgier and quirky samba swing affair. These authentic ‘60s Afro-Brazilian samba songs sound as fresh as ever.

“This is a journey through the jazz & samba sound of 60s Brazil. The music is completely lost now; people just don’t play like this anymore. There are some classics yet also tunes unknown. Listening to this compilation is like listening to the music I make – this is the foundation – I picture myself within this music. ‘Viagem 2’ portrays the Brazilian moods of mid 60’s, a vibe that swings to hard edged jazz samba - a hybrid that blends south and North America, Africa and Europe in a poetic, most unique way.” Nicola Conte

Highlights include Cláudia’s ‘Deixa O Morro Cantar’ that delivers big brass and a breathtaking soaring vocal to a chant that demands we leave alone the girl singing sad songs from the mountains, a classy bossa jazz Tenório JR double from their only ever and much sought after album ‘Embalo’. As Meninas’s infectious ‘Redondo Sambão’ is playful subtropical samba stroke bossa that takes so many turns in its short cycle that it leaves you breathless, the sweet vocals and whistles alongside the shaking percussion will have you smiling wide and swinging to a beat that runs through ‘Viagem 2’. This collection is full of atmosphere and history, a glorious vintage trip through the steamy samba joints and grooving jazz clubs of Rio and São Paulo. Evoking nostalgia at every turn these tracks remain vibrant and compelling.

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