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Nicola Conte & Stefania Dipierro - Natural / A Gira [2016]

Nicola Conte & Stefania Dipierro - Natural / A Gira [2016]


1. Natural
2. A Gira

Natural, penned by Nicola, Stefania and guitarist Fabrizio Savino draws together a smorgasborg of global influences boiled down to the essentials: a propulsive Afro-rhythm bolstered by a searing funk guitar, whilst soothing Rhodes chords provide a distinctly Brazilian warmth. Dipierro’s vocals are the cherry on top: a heartfelt and enriching melody with which she fires on all cylinders to unleash the many timbres of her voice.

A Gira, Trio Ternura’s classic Brazilian rare groove is re-arranged and re-recorded with Nicola Conte’s arrangement conjuring the same lazy swinging groove as the original, but with a richer modern resonance. Heftier Hammond organ and punchier percussion is again topped off with Dipierro’s sublime dulcet tones.

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