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Rabotnik - Rabotnik's Lounge Ass [2009]

Rabotnik - Rabotnik's Lounge Ass [2009]

1. Contragotas
2. DDP
3. JC Superstar
4. Jonas
5. Las Vegas
6. Lounge Ass
7. Radiodeluxe
8. Sentinela
9. Tedio
10. 75

‘Lounge Ass’ focuses on electronic experiment and wonderfully mixed samples typified on opening track ‘Contragotas’, a cinematic piece that twists into the addictive mind-bending electro mash up of Binario’s ‘DDP’/’Funeral’. ‘Las Vegas’ and title track ‘Lounge Ass’ are the album’s other big hitting tunes, striking out from its core with pulsing beats. The comparisons to Boards of Canada and legendary electronic group Autechre are inescapable. Rabotnik’s music, like Autechre, has a strong focus on complex rhythm, driving percussion, meticulous sequencing and electro minimalism. With Zappa, Beefheart and Robert Wyatt influencing Rabotnik hearts ‘Lounge Ass’ has a warmth and continuity that often escapes electronic albums.

With such a vast array of influences, instrumentation and talent involved in Rabotnik, ‘Lounge Ass’ is the most intriguing and sublime of albums, revealing hidden depths on every listen.

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