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Satanique Samba Trio - Badtriptych [2014]

Satanique Samba Trio - Badtriptych [2014]

1. Cliches 04, 21 & 23
2. Vermizelas
3. Ana Lidia Ressurection
4. Self-Destructing Samba-Reggae
5. Tagua York City Piano Concerto
6. Lambada Post-Mortem
7. Piece for Throat Clearing and Some Latino Drum
8. Banzo Bonanza
9. We Have Obitum
10. Herpes Soul & Samba Zoster
11. Deprelicious
12. Forro Mata
13. Mangrou
14. Cabra da Peste Negra
15. Sodoma & Gonzaga
16. Pipocalipse
17. Hellcife Blues
18. Cabra da Peste Negra (Live @ Chez Michou)
19. Herpes Soul & Samba Zoster (Live @ SCS Qd. 02, bloco C)
20. Ana Lidia Resurrection (Live @ SCS Qd. 02, bloco C)
21. Banzo Bonanza (Live at Grande Colorado - DF)
22. Diabolyn (Original Mix)

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Anton Webern, Milton Banana Trio, Gustav Mahler and Banda de Pífanos de Caruaru, SS3 serves up music that is as complex as it is fun and as strange as it is catchy. Bassist and composer Munha da 7 describes the purpose of Satanique Samba Trio’s music as a concept developed as a relief for ears tired by mainstream radio play lists composing our lives. They are musicians with a mission to offer not only music for the joys and positive moments of life but to provide a soundtrack to accompany also the darkness and horror of our everyday lives.

Badtriptych isn’t the album to put on in the background, but will fight every second for your undivided attention - as soon as you think you have grasped the essence of their intriguing sound you will get thrown head first into their imaginative world of tricks and treats. In this mix of short and explosive tracks you can clearly hear elements of a variety of genres and all mixed together the ensemble manage to present a brand new and fresh sound. Horrifying, intriguing, confusing and brilliant – all at the same time!

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