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Som Imaginário - Banda Da Capital [2023]

Som Imaginário - Banda Da Capital [2023]


Release date: 2nd June 2023 | Also available on Bandcamp

1. Rádio Guarany
2. Xá-Mate
3. A Igreja Majestosa
4. Os Cafezais sem Fim
5. Armina
6. Banda da Capital
7. Sábado
8. Imaginados
9. Armina* 
10. Manuel o Audaz*
*CD & digital bonus tracks

Tracks 1-8 recorded live at Colégio Marista in Brasília, October 4th 1976.
Tracks 9-10 recorded live at Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro, October 6th 1975.

Som Imaginário are the stuff of MPB mythos. Integral to Brazil’s Clube Da Esquina movement in the early 1970s, a heady blend of progressive rock, folk, psychedelia, jazz and traditional Brazilian rhythm flows through the three studio albums the band recorded between ‘70 and ‘73. Flying the countercultural freak-flag amid the context of military dictatorship, the Brazilian prog lords shared much of the sense of experimentation and bountiful fuzz bequeathed by their Tropicalismo forbearers. But armed with genius composers, arrangers and stupendously high-level musicianship, Som Imaginário introduced a potent harmonic complexity to Brazilian popular music, which would inspire generations of artists to come.

On 4th October 1976, having finished a spell of recording and touring with Milton Nascimento, Som Imaginário performed a concert in celebration of Nature Day in Brasília. The recordings of the show would become “Banda Da Capital”, which, for the past half century, has laid dormant, waiting for its mystical power to be untapped.

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