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Ulisses Bezerra - 2000 E Não Sei [2012]

Ulisses Bezerra - 2000 E Não Sei [2012]


1. Com Amor Nao Se Brinca
2. Baioneiro
3. The Sentence
4. A Vida Não Fala Nade
5. Nacao Nago
6. 2000 E Não Sei
7. A Foxe Cibernetico
8. O Lunatico
9. Auto Exilio No Espacio

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ulisses Bezerra had a musical upbringing that many could only dream of in the back streets of Rio de Janerio.  Born into musical royalty, son of the legendary Brazilian partido alto Samba Don Bezerra da Silva and having recorded a number of albums while touring with his father’s band by the tender age of 15, there is no doubt that the journey of discovery Ulisses would depart upon in his adolescence was in effect a young man stepping out from the shadow of his father’s legacy.

From the halls of the famed Berklee school of music where he graduated from the degree program with a heavy influence in modern jazz to touring Africa, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, this global trajectory and nomadic musician’s lifestyle has been filled with collaborations, albums and stage appearances sharing the limelight with a veritable who’s who of the Brazilian music continuum. Playing alongside stalwarts and contemporaries like Manu Chao, Frejat, Marcelo D2, Los da da Bajos, Max de Castro, Jairzinho and Simoninha, Ulisses has earned himself a reputation for his amalgamation of the influences he absorbed on his travels while always remaining true roots of his home in Rio.

The cycle of life though has turned a full circle and with the passing of his father in 2005, Ulisses has since embarked on a new chapter in his musical career where he plays music of his father’s repertoire alongside his own compositions all with the same malice and Brazilian malandregen of his upbringing in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. Never embellishing his father’s legacy, instead finding his own artistic personality in the process and all the while projecting the Brazilian music culture that he is so deeply enshrined in, “2000 è Não Sei” is the soundtrack of the fast living petty criminal anti-folk hero in these modern times.

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