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Various Artists - Amplificador Novissima Musica Brasileira [2015]

Various Artists - Amplificador Novissima Musica Brasileira [2015]


1. Ive Seixas - Cervejas Populares
2. Passo Torto - Faria Lima Pra Cá
3. Abayomy - Obatala
4. Iconili - O Rei de Tupanga
5. Luziluzia - Summertime
6. The Baggios - Esturra Leão
7. Fino Coletivo - Iracema
8. Zulumbi - Zulumbi
9. André Sampaio e os Afromandinga - Ecos de Niafunke
10. Amplexos - Leão
11. Burro Morto - Lúcifer Colômbia
12. Zebrabeat - Zebrabeat Afro - Amazônia Orquestra
13. DJ Dolores - O Amor vai...
14. Os Sertões - Flor da Saudade
15. Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas - Kilimanjaro Dub
16. Fabrício - Feito Tamborim, Pará Céu
17. Motormama - Rio Grande

Over the past few decades, there has been a seismic shift in Brazil’s musical landscape. A plethora of varying musical undergrounds has developed across the nation. While Rio and São Paulo have been overwhelmed with networks of talented musicians for a long time, creative life is now bursting all over the country. Amplificador exists to document and propagate the wonderfully diverse music currently blossoming from Brazil’s vivacious and geographically varied musical undergrounds. Presenting an up-to date insight into Brazilian music, this compilation draws together some of the components of ‘Novíssima Música Brasileira’ (brand new Brazilian music), ranging from afro-grooves to rock, to modern samba and MPB. The music reaches back across Brazil’s incredibly rich musical and cultural traditions, while also taking in influence from other movements around the globe.

Having begun life in 2012 as a Brazilian music blog run by Marcelo Monteiro, Eduardo Rodrigues, Mateus Campos, and Ricardo Calazans, the aim of Amplificador is to document and propel to wider audiences, Brazilian music of the ’00s and ’10s generation. This is a task made more significant by obvious changes in the way music is consumed. “People are no longer obliged to listen to what the radio and TV are presenting. There is a whole new generation that wants to listen to new bands and new sounds and we try to connect those bands with other bands, producers, fans and even the mainstream.” These changes in technology and the way music is discovered and shared have developed parallel to the proliferation of these emerging scenes. The ostensible decentralization of the music industry means the promoting and filtering work of journalists and blogs, like Amplificador, have become increasingly important, as people try to keep up with the tsunami of new music and media flooding the country on a daily basis.

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