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Various Artists - Far Out Presents Brazilian Bass [2014]

Various Artists - Far Out Presents Brazilian Bass [2014]

1. Mental Abstrato & DJ Tahira - Baião
2. Soraia Drummond - Eu Acho É Pouco
3. Nsista - Caroço
4. 3Adub featuring Pitshu - Blindness
5. Banda Escola Pública - Samba De Novato
6. Astronauta Pinguim - Ghosts Inside Your House
7. Sistema Criolina - Pequi Week Bar
8. Os Nelsons - Olhe O Fogo’
9. Afroelectro - Omin
10. Junior Dread featuring Black - Não Deixe De Lutar
11. Anelis - Bola Com Os Amigos
12. Nathy Faria - Saindo do Lugar
13. Aton Dub - Travessias
14. 7 Estrelo - As Leis de um Tambor
15. OQuadro - Tá Amarrado
16. Bemba Trio - Melô do Vatapá’
17. A Banda de Joseph Tourton - After Work Ganja’

Far Out Presents Brazilian Bass features 17 tracks of this new wave of Brazilian music, which resonates the heavy bass and musical inventiveness of the root sounds of Bahia, Recife and Rio de Janeiro.  Bringing together some of the most creative and out of the ordinary artists of this new scene.

There are so many exciting things happening in Brazil at the moment, and music is at the forefront of it. These are the artists that are causing all the excitement. Brazilian Bass is the sound of modern Brazil.

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