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Record Store Day 2021 | Arthur Verocai's "Bis" on 7" vinyl & Banda Black Rio's Super Nova Samba Funk on limited edition yellow vinyl

Arthur verocai 7 Bis Record Store Day 2021
Far Out Recordings proudly presents a special Record Store Day release of Arthur Verocai's highly in-demand 'Bis' on 7" vinyl, with the never before released instrumental on the B-side.
'Bis' was the momentous come-back single from Arthur Verocai, featuring Jose Roberto Bertrami of Azymuth on keys, plus a 17 piece string section and 8 horns. A stunning slice of Seventies-style brazilan psychedelic soul, taken from 'Encore', the 2007 return album, 35 years on from Verocai's 1972 debut, which has in recent years gained its much deserved iconic status.
A. Bis
B. Bis (Instrumental) 
Arthur Verocai

Banda Black Rio Super Nova Samba Funk yellow vinyl Record Store Day 2021
The Record Store Day 2021 vinyl edition of Super Nova Samba Funk – the comeback album from Banda Black Rio, featuring Brazilian heavyweights Seu Jorge, Marcio Local, Elza Soares, Cesar Camargo Mariano & more. Originally released in 2011, this new special edition for RSD features two tracks from the project that were never released on vinyl, 'Irerê (feat. Gilberto Gil)' and 'Aos Pés Do Redentor (feat. Caetano Veloso)'.
Banda Black Rio
William Magalhães formed Banda Black Rio as a modern-day incarnation of his father Oberdan's original '70s Brazilian samba soul and funk outfit. Re-igniting the Black Rio flame, Magalhaes' brought together Brazilian icons Seu Jorge, Marcio Local and Elza Soares feature alongside bossa pioneers Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, as well as Flame Killer and GOD PT3 from the famed NYC Mobb Deep crew for the project.
The philosophy on Super Nova Samba Funk remains the same as ever: celebrating the musicality of black Brazil through strong lyrical representation and its unique combination of jazz, funk, soul, samba and gafieira. Super Nova Samba Funk (9 No Samba) and Samba Nova are two special instrumental tracks that showcase Rio's finest players who together form BBR. Isabela combines elegant brass, jazz and gafieira swing that counts the special input of Elza Soares – the legendary scatting samba singer – and Cesar Carmargo Mariano – the famed pianist and arranger, father of Maria Rita, and husband to Elis Regina.
Seu Jorge – world famous Brazilian musician, singer, songwriter and actor famed for his roles in City of God and Life Aquatic whose latest music project with Almaz signed to Stones Throw Records – distinctive samba vocals fire the infectious Brazilian soul-pop of Louis Lane and Lindos Olhes - Jorge featuring alongside respected Brazilian r&b and rap stars Dom Pixote and Mano Brown; Marcio Local – a major new Brazilian star signed to David Byrne's Luaka Bop imprint – combines samba and soul on the swinging "carioca" melody Quem Vem lá.
Side A
1. Louis Lane (Feat. Seu Jorge and Mano Brown) (3.50)
2. Super Nova Samba Funk (9 No Samba) (3.26)
3. América do Sul (4.40)
4. Isabela (Feat. Elza Soares and Cesar Camargo Mariano) (3.56)
5. Irerê featuring Gilberto Gil (William Magalhães / Augusto Bapt) (5.18)

Side B
1.Samba Nova (4.13)
2. Quem Vem Lá (Feat. Marcio Local) (3.49)
3. Deixa Estar (Feat. Aleh) (4.39)
4. Lindos Olhos (Feat. Seu Jorge and Don Pixote) (3.47)
5. Aos Pés Do Redentor Featuring Caetano Veloso (3.28)
This limited edition yellow LP and the Arthur Verocai's 7" will be available from participating independent record stores on the 12th June.

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