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Azymuth - Morning / Linha Do Horizonte Remixes [2007]

Azymuth - Morning / Linha Do Horizonte Remixes [2007]

1. Morning (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
2. Linha Do Horizonte (Mr. Beatnick Remix)

Far Out drop some heavyweight Brazilian space-funk pressure with this remix double header featuring Azymuth. This 7“ sees two all time classic Azymuth sci-fi jazz jams getting re-licked for the jazzelium*.

On ‘Morning’ Stones Throw Recording’s main man Peanut Butter Wolf adds some deep funk pressure beefing the track up one time for all you head-noddin', beat-diggin' West Coast wannabes. On the flip up and coming beat-meister Mr Beatnick from the Other Worlds Clan cuts up ‘Linha Do Horizonte’ turning it into a spaced out slice of cinematic funk perfect for all you wannabe astral travellers. Damn!

Azymuth formed in the late 60s just as Os Mutantes released their debut record. Whilst Mutantes were honing a psychedelic ‘Amazonian’ version of western pop music Azymuth were creating a futuristic, electric interpretation of US Jazz - also driven by the same rootsy Brazilian ‘swing’ that Mutantes had harnessed. The original line up of Azymuth consisted of José Roberto Bertrami on an amazing array of keyboards and synths (Fender piano, Arp & Arp Strings, moog satellite, clavinet and Harmmond), Alex Malheiros on Rickenbacker bass and guitar, Ivan Conti (aka Mamão) on drums and timbalas, plus Ariovaldo Contesini on percussion.

Bertrami was the drive behind Azymuth’s sound - a control freak and musical genius obsessed with the latest technology who wanted to use it to push the boundaries of music in a way that no one else in Brazil had done. Bertrami was also influenced by the greats of US Jazz such as Bill Evans, and wanted to used this new technology to paint the colours and textures in his music. His use of keyboards has drawn comparisons between Azymuth’s work and Herbie Hancock’s early 70s output, yet with it’s Brazilian Swing Azymuth’s electric jazz sound is unmistakably their own.

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