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Azymuth - The Quest? [1998]

Azymuth - The Quest? [1998]

1. The Quest? (Azymuth Theme)
2. The Quest? (Electric Soul Final Level)
3. The Quest? (Restless Soul Ragtime Beats)

Recorded in Rio, mixed in London, its true to their unique sound, blending the subtle Brazilian harmonies of mastreo pianist Bertrami with bassist Malheiros and add the programmed beats of Roc Hunter. This track is destined to go all the way.

Groove controller Phil Asher lets rip on the flip side with a deep style dub mix which grooves from begining to end and follows on nicely from last year’s Global Communications deep house mix of Jazz Carnival. Finally there is a Asher drum edit mix with heavy percussion samples and funky sub basses perfect for the two copy mix!

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