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Various Artists - Far Out Spaced Odyssey [2010]

Various Artists - Far Out Spaced Odyssey [2010]

1. Jose Mauro - 'Apocolipse'
2. Piri - 'Reza Brava'
3. Aleuda - 'Passarinho'
4. Aleuda - 'Galope' (A.P.E. Remix)
5. Joyce, N. Vasconcelos, M. Maestro - 'Tudo Bonito'
6. Binario - 'Diretriz'
7. Rabotnik - 'Jonas'
8. Binario - 'E Ai Galera Voltei'
9. Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld - 'Black Magic'
10. Azymuth - 'Caca A Raposa'
11. Troubleman - 'Swicth'
12. Azymuth - 'Os Cara La'
13. Mauricio Maestro - 'Verdade Anterior' (Instrumental)
14. Piri - 'Voces Querem Mate'
15. Rubens Bassini Y Los Latinos - 'Son Cubano Amparo'
16. Orquestra de Tambores De Alagoas - 'Acao Dinamica ao Cacador'
17. Jose Mauro - 'Ponto de Chamada'
18. Custom Blue - 'You're On Your Own'
19. Victor Assis Brasil - 'Ao Amigo Quartin'
20. Binario - Jazzhole (Kwes Rework)
21. Rabotnik - 'Las Vegas'
22. Binario ft. Daz-I-Kue - 'Quantao'
23. Democustico - 'Paz' (Paul White Remix)
24. Troubleman - 'Intergalactic You, Intergalactic Me'

Far Out voyages through the Brazilian archives with this wild trip deep into mutated South American psychedelia, esoteric curios and trippy electronics. Those broadcasting from the outer regions include freaking out women Piri and Aleuda, medieval sambista Jose Mauro, and guerrilla space-rockers Binario. Far Out has taken a leap of faith with some of Brazil’s edgiest artists, yet the high quality production for which the label is famed never falters on ten mind blowing compositions. Twisted soft psych and hard experimentalism from the further fringes of Brazil makes for a cinematic, dancing brew. The result is intoxicating.

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