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JJosé Roberto Bertrami & His Modern Sound - Aventura [2009]

José Roberto Bertrami & His Modern Sound - Aventura [2009]


1. Ecstatic 70
2. Brilliante
3. Eighties Times
4. O Pescador
5. Maixa
6. Joanna
7. Aventura
8. No Tempo Da Bossa
9. Danca de Salao
10. Laranjeiras
11. Choro
12. Converstaion with Maixa

Legendary keyboardist José Roberto Bertrami brings quirky 60s soundtracks and infectious 80s grooves to 12 brand new recordings.  Showcasing 45 sweeping years in music Azymuth’s band leader delivers an innovative set of jazz, cinematic scores, funk and true Latin anthems.  Latin Grammy nominee ‘Zé Roberto’ brings together the Rio Strings Orchestra and the very best Brazilian players on these stunning live recordings. Direct from Rio de Janeiro Bertrami’s enduring passion and creativity combine to create a seminal solo collection. Andy Votel’s exceptional madcap artwork perfectly expresses Bertrami’s unique brand of experimental jazz. Allow the master of the keys to take you on a dazzling aventura (adventure).

‘Aventura’ is Bertrami’s 7th album under his own steam following on from his previous solo effort for Far Out Recordings – 2001’s ‘Things Are Different’.  It was on 1983’s ‘Blue Wave’ that Ze Roberto made his biggest impact outside of Azymuth receiving a prestigious Latin Grammy nomination. Working with Flora Purim and Robertinho Silva he released his earliest project the ‘José Roberto Trio’ (pictured above) in 1965 that began this staggering recording legacy. In his early work he was using instruments and effects before anybody else in Latin America -travelling to New York to purchase the latest keyboards and organs - and 45 years later he’s still pushing the boundaries.  Now, Bertrami scores an innovative retrospective brimming with colour and harmony.  ‘Aventura’ is packed with the inspired tripped-out funkiness of a sound still fresh.

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