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Orquestra De Tambores De Alagoas - Bantus E Caetés [2010]

Orquestra De Tambores De Alagoas - Bantus E Caetés [2010]

1. Áyàn Enluará
2. Tempestade Festa
3. Zumba
4. Helena
5. Banzo
6. Ação Dinâmica ao Caçador
7. Tambor ou Bola 
8. Luanda pra Cá
9. Ancestralidade
10. Zé
11. Dandalunda
12. Baianá
13. Mooyo (Horizontal)
14. Mundaú-Nagô

Besides cultural resuscitation and alongside their rhythmic research and all round musicality, Orquestra de Tambores de Alagoas aims to promote the process of percussion techniques, as well as the heritage art of building instruments by hand. Thought out as part of the 2008 BNB Cultural Program and with support from the Cultural Secretary of the State of Alagoas, the album took 10 months to complete, from initial planning to repertoire selection, from recording to editing, mixing and finally to pressing. The 14 finished tracks are the result of mountains of research and a unique fusion of Afro and Alagoano sounds garnished in the 4 year history of OT. One track is also blessed with the more than special presence of Far Out recording artist and outstanding percussionist Naná Vasconcelos.

The sounds inspire reflection upon African culture, initially brought to Brazil by slavery (specifically the Bantus) which fused with the influence of the Caete Indians, created the unique music typical of the Lagoon Regions, Alagoas. A heritage close to the hearts of the groups’ members, most of who (incl. Santos) originate from Ponta Grossa - a neighbourhood characterised by its rich ethical mix, where music is played and capoeira danced on every second street corner.

Between the drumbeats, sounds from leaves and whistles and inherited sounds from different ethnicities, Orquestra de Tambores' music is both primitive yet original:

As the poet says; words have been created to be told and not to shine as fake gold. In this music you will hear sounds and rhythms as a reflection of the Alagoas heritage and the music sung in past times in Palmares, now brought back close to the modern ear” Edson Bezerra

A true roots session from the heart of the North Eastern region of Brazil, OT is a modern take on tribal-music as fruit of a dialog between musical influences from the past urban sounds in the context of new technology.

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