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Sabrina Malheiros - New Morning [2008]

Sabrina Malheiros - New Morning [2008]


1. Brisa Mar
2. Nova Estacao
3. Sintonia
4. New Morning
5. Alem Do Sol
6. It's Too Late
7. Essa Cancao
8. Eira Nem Beira
9. Connexao
10. Sem Pressa
11. Vou Voar
12. Nuances

‘New Morning’ is what Sabrina Malheiros describes as a ‘more organic’ follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Equilibria’. Armed with a strong calibre of musicians, Sabrina Malheiros embarked on a rite of passage that resulted in an album that can only be described as a masterpiece. Sabrina Malheiros is a highly accomplished young musician who has a musical heritage that is deeply rooted in Brazilian musical
history. As the daughter of Alex Malheiros, the bassist from the legendary Azymuth; Sabrina is clearly under no illusion as to the influence this had in her musical journey. ‘With my father in Azymuth and my grandfather with Sergio Mendes, I have always been surrounded by the samba beat!’

New Morning features an all-star Brazilian team including: Jose Roberto Bertrami, Ivan Conti, Zé Carlos, Idriss Boudrioua and Paulinho Braga as well as legendary Brazilian arranger and composer Arthur Verocai. The album was produced by Daniel Maunick (DJ Venom son of Bluey’s from Incognito band) who also produced Sabrina’s previous album, yet the production on this album shows Maunick’s evolution into a highly versatile and skilful producer. Sabrina admits ‘He’s very eclectic musically and I have to confess I have learnt a lot…even in relation to Brazilian music.”

With ‘70s inspired sweeping samba-soul songs nestled in between boogie-tinged jazz, house rhythms and funky cinematic-bossa breaks and featuring the unmistakable vocals of Sabrina, ‘New Morning sees Rios original nu-bossa star recreate the honesty of her debut but with a new sense of maturity and sophistication. The album erupts with the bubbling bossa samba hybrid ‘Brisa Mar’ with lyrics co-written by her father Alex Malheiros which were inspired by the sea. This track alongside ‘Sintonia’ reflects the powerful partnership of Sabrina’s writing abilities combined with the grand string arrangements of the renowned Arthur Verocai resulting in songs that would sit comfortably in any classic film score. Sabrina recalls “Arthur Verocai arranged some of my songs…I discovered a like-minded spirit”. This connection between the two musicians from different generations sets a true precedent for the album.

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