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Sean Khan - Slow Burner [2011]

Sean Khan - Slow Burner [2011]


1. Fluxman
2. Golden Lady
3. Hope Not Hate
4. Pinky Annie
5. What Is Jazz?
6. Castro de Castro
7. El Presidente
8. Long Way To Go
9. Mahjong
10. Black Narcissus
11. Mahjong Take 2

‘Slow Burner’ represents Sean Khan’s journey back to one of his main loves: jazz improvisation. His playing pays homage to Coltrane, Henderson, Parker and Shorter and there is also a vocal tribute to Stevie Wonder. ‘What is Jazz?’ is a political statement delivered via highly recognised San Francisco artist Genevieve Grant (US and UK spoken word community) reciting an essay about what jazz is and what it is becoming. The group sound gives a nod to the contemporary (hip hop, drum n bass) as well as the hard swing of New York and the almost free sound of Europe. The record features the talents of Laurie Lowe (one of the finest young drummers in Europe who has worked with Soweto Kinch and Dave O’Higgins), Mike Edmonds (double bass man for Joe Pass, Kenny Wheeler and has been a mainstay of the British jazz scene for many years), Susan Allotey (vocalist for SK Radicals and throughout Europe, and Tim Lapthorne (pianist for Dave Liebman, Kenny Wheeler, a recording project with Eddie Henderson plus three records under his own name).

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