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The Ipanemas - Afro Bossa [2003]

The Ipanemas - Afro Bossa [2003]


1. Suspeita
2. Sertao
3. Sereno
4. Espraiado
5. Musica Profissional
6. Chorinho B
7. Bambui
8. Bosco
9. Aqui Da Tudo Certo
10. Seu Dario
11. Sao Pedro Da Aldeia

‘Afro Bossa’ features the sort of innovation that both The Ipanemas and Far Out Recordings are known for. Joe explains the ethos of the new album: “I wanted ‘Afro Bossa’ to combine the attitude of the first Ipanemas record with the sort of musical accomplishment that comes from over 40 years experience.” Highlights include:

  • ‘Sertao’ & ‘Bosco’: Afro-sambas characterised by chants in Afro Brazilian dialects.
  • ‘Bambui’: African soul with Eastern flavour where the traditional Brazilian stringed Berimbau meets Indian tablas.
  • ‘Aqui Da Tudo Certo’: an upbeat samba with complex arrangements that was inspired by a trip Wilson made to London. It features strings that wouldn’t sound out of place on a 4 Hero production.
  • ‘Espraiado’: Dedicated to the city of the same name – a deeply spiritual place near the City Of God and one of the first African settlements in Brazil.
  • ‘Sereno’: A traditional samba featuring Wilson’s classic lyrical style that’s made him a household name in Brazil.

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