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Grupo Batuque - Between The Lines (Big Bang remixes) [2002]

Grupo Batuque - Between The Lines (Big Bang remixes) [2002]

1. Between The Lines (Marco Tardelle 1st Half)
2. Between The Lines (Claudio Gentile 2nd Half)

Between the Lines is a truly anthemic track.  First time around it became a  club-classic at Joe Claussell’s legendary Body and Soul sessions in New York and was included on his Spiritual Life compilation.  Big Bang’s fresh new remix looks set to blow up the same way.

The original features Marcina’s strong distinctive vocal seamlessly blended with powerful percussive Brazilian rhythms.  The remix of this uplifting track from Grupo Batuque’s ‘Africa Brazil’ album is taken on a voyage into deep house and broken beats, with massive crossover appeal for electronica to house heads.

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