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Various Artists - Far Out Jazz, Bossa & Blues [2013]

Various Artists - Far Out Jazz, Bossa & Blues [2013]

1. Joyce & Tutti Moreno - Magica
2. The Ipanemas - A Cara Dele
3. Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia - Uno Esta
4. Leo Gandleman - Vip Vop
5. Sabrina Malheiros - It's Too Late
6. Leo Gandelman - Love Total
7. Azymuth - Junto Mais Uma Vez
8. Jose Roberto Bertrami - Partido Alto No. 3
9. Heidi Vogal - Black Narcissus
10. Sean Khan - Castro De Castro
11. Friends From Rio 2 - Vera Cruz
12. Leo Gandleman - Reza
13. J's Bee - Blind The Rye
14. Leo Gandelman - No Chuveiro
15. Friends From Rio 2 & Celia Vaz - O Circo

The album compiles some stunning original compositions by the likes of Joyce & Tutti Moreno, Azymuth and Leo Gandelman, sitting alongside some incredible re-workings of classic tracks by Barry Humphreys (Una Esta, by Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia) and Carol King (It’s Too Late, performed by Sabrina Malheiros and Orchestrated by Jose Roberto Bertrami). The Ipanemas are featured here from their recent undiscovered record with a jazz samba classic “A cara dele”. And as well as the finest Brazilian artists, the album also features tracks from the UK’s Sean Khan and Heidi Vogel, and J’s Bee from Japan.

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